Gotemba Golf Club

When staying in Tokyo, a golfer might be frustrated by the lack of nearby high quality golf courses. Sure, there are plenty that one can get to – after all, the popularity of golf has skyrocketed over the past few years, making it one of the most popular sports played in the nation. Many new golf courses have opened, the ballpark figure being around 2,600 courses in Japan alone – so, yes, when staying in Tokyo, there should be some nearby. There are, however they unfortunately suffer from a lack of space, making them feel almost claustrophobic in comparison to those located in the countryside with much more space to work with. There are two good courses near Tokyo though – the Gotemba Golf Club and the Aqualine Golf Club, both similar in terms of price and quality and both plenty big to make you feel you’re not hitting the green in your neighbors backyard.

The Gotemba Golf Club is fairly standard in what one may expect from an average, well-maintained golf course in a western country. It’s a par 72 course and its 18 holes measure a total distance of 5,800 meters (6,350 yards), a respectable distance. Not overly long by any means, but quite a bit longer than what one might find at a course closer to Tokyo’s inner city. The course has its own tricky little nuances, as the windy disposition of its location coupled with its creative layout force players to think outside the box. There are a bunch of restaurants, as well as a fully functioning hotel, ready to be explored by those wishing to remain in the area for a while – and for those fond of alcoholic beverages, the Golf Club boasts its own brewery to be one of excellence. For those visually inclined, there are also magnificent views to see of the famous Mount Fuji and the Pacific Ocean. The Gotemba resort area is one of the best in Japan and is luckily only a short bike or golf-cart ride away for those wishing to experience some amusement outside of hitting the front and back nine all day long.

Luckily, playing at the Gotemba Golf Club does not break one’s bank too badly. On weekdays, the standard tee-fare is 9,800 yen, which translates to 90 US dollars, while the club charges 16,900 yen on the weekends, which will set you back about 160 dollars in US currency.

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