Karate is a type of martial art which is popular in Okinawa, Kyushu. If the area of Kyoto has the geisha culture, which are also misconstrued to be comfort women or Lai Dai Han, to be proud of, Kyushu has Karate. There are different ranks in karate depending on how good you are and when you get promoted after training and passing the test for the next belt. All beginners start with a white belt and make their way up until they reach the black belt like the karate masters. People who do karate have a very strong core and are flexible enough to do the different type of moves. In karate, they use three types of techniques, mainly the arm strike, kick strikes and thrusts. In this martial arts, they don’t use any weapons but their body parts only like their arms and legs doing different moves to protect themselves from opponents. People usually learn karate for self defense. With how much people out there which want to make money the easier way like stealing and beating it out of people, this would be a very good way of protection. Some moves in karate could be very lethal and the masters teach their students only to use their ability if needed. Being a master in karate takes a long time and years of discipline.

This is also an art in Japan. If you look into it, you can really appreciate it all and how they move in such a disciplined way and anticipate the moves of their opponents. They aren’t impulsive but always think which is good training even when facing real life challenges. Every boy wishes they can do martial arts to keep themselves safe from a bully which is a harsh reality of life. Have you ever seen the movie karate kid? I think that is a favorite of many kids out there cause they wish they could be like those kids.

Aside from it being for self defense and an art, it is a sport. In the sport, there are set of rules and the one that could knock the opponent down would win. These matches are supported by the Japanese people because it is very honorable and respectful because the contestant don’t play dirty unlike other sports sometimes.


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Trekking the Great Mt. Fuji

Japan has lately been such a tourist attraction and a country that everyone enjoys, from families to just people backpacking. I haven’t heard of anyone who went to Japan and got home disappointing or it wasn’t their money’s worth what they spent over there. Tourists go to see the beautiful country, socialize with the friendly Japanese people and the food. Where else can you get the most authentic Japanese food than Japan itself. Other than the food though, tourists go to Japan to see the cherry blossoms in Mount Fuji. Everyone wants to see Mount Fuji even once in their life because it is truly breathtaking on all levels.

This mountain located on Honshu island is the most famous and tallest mountain in Japan. It is just west of Tokyo so it is very accessible. There are 4 trails now going up the top of the mountain. Namely, these trails are the Yoshida Trail which is yellow, the Subashiri Trail is colored red, the Gotemba Trail which is green; and the Fujinomiya Trail which is blue. The most popular one is the yellow one because it is the easiest of them all in terms of getting there from Tokyo and using it to get up the mountain. This mountain can be trekked from July to the start of September.

If you decide to trek this wonderful mountain, you have to be ready physically and spiritually. It would be good if you jogged every other day before heading to Japan, so you won’t have such a hard time and your stamina can endure the hike that you are about to take. You will not be bored at all while hiking it because the sceneries on the way up to your destination in my opinion is just magical and beautiful. Make sure to wear the right gear when you go on this journey and to pack right. I would recommend you do your research and bring a lot of water. Bring snacks so while you are hiking you wouldn’t have to stop but you are still able to get the energy you need to go on. Don’t forget to bring a camera to take pictures of all the nice views and make everlasting memories on this adventure.



In Japan, Keirin is a track cycling event where professional cyclists battle it out biking as fast as they can. This is part of the Olympics since 2000. Cycling is a sport enjoyed by many. Everyone remembers the first time they rode their bike and pimped it out to make it run super well when we all did not have cars yet. Some bicycles are really expensive though and can reach as high as a second hand car. Some frames are made of titanium or even carbon fiber so they are very light and easy to use. These expensive ones are what we see in this sport in Japan. Many people come out to see these fit cyclists battle it out. In cycling, you need a lot of leg muscle and endurance. Training everyday makes you reach these and little by little you will see that you are getting better and better where cycling up to certain places becomes very easy and walking becomes very light.

Cycling in Japan started in 1948 in the city of Kokura. It has become very popular that people are legally betting on this sport. Japanese make this a source of livelihood from betting. The different racers are in different colors so they can easily be differentiated. There is such a good feeling from being the cyclist. I myself like to cycle as a hobby because you get to places faster than jogging and at the same time you see such a beautiful view of the city and the people. No wonder people love this sport so much and support all the cyclists all out.

A bike has a lot of parts and it is like a car where you shift gears when you are going up and when you are going on a straight line. It is not also surprising why a lot of good manufacturers of bike parts come from Japan. Cycling can also be very relaxing and something you can do as bonding with friends, siblings, and a spouse. We are all looking for the right sport always to play and the perfect ones for us and this fits many people.


Diving in the Waters of Japan

Japan has a lot of nice beaches to explore and see. It has a diverse set of species from land creatures to sea. The biodiversity and acosystem is just overwhelming with beauty. In Japan, the best place to dive would probably be the place of Okinawa, which is in close proximity of Tokyo. We all want to see what the water has in store for us. Lots of fishes of different colors, corals, and many more can be found in the sea. It is even very amusing to see a turtle and these live for hundreds of years. You would be surprised how many kinds of fishes you would see and how friendly they are.

Diving entails a lot of hard work and you need a diving license to be able to dive. Before you get your license, you are taught how to dive and how to stabilize because as you get lower under the sea, the pressure gets more and it gets harder to breathe. The lower you go though the more interesting things you see. It is like the movie Finding Nemo. You do not know what you will see in the water and the feeling is just so nice and relaxing to be surrounded by such beautiful creatures. There is even a chance to see sunken treasure and see sunken ships.

There’s always treasure out there that has yet to be discovered. Always make sure to be wearing the proper gear and to be certified before you go diving. You should buy yourself a scuba suit and protect yourself from creatures you are not familiar with and goggles to protect your eyes under water and so you can open them. Have an effort to know the different species under water and if they are dangerous or not so you know which to stay away from and which you can not touch. Some people really get into marine biology because they enjoy these adventures so much and you can say that this is a fun and adventurous outdoor sport. There is much to learn and maybe you are the next one to discover something new.


Surfing the waves of Japan

Japan has the biggest market for surf goods because of their craftsmanship and how much the people in their country also love the sport. I heard that surfing can be very relaxing. You also feel like wave riders that are always out to catch the next one. Japanese are such good surfers because of the discipline they set themselves and determination they set. Japanese people are just really sporty and it really is not surprising why they are good in many things. They turn every sport that they are passionate about into a way of life.

I talked to a surfer once and I asked him what he found very interesting in surfing. He said that surfing is just so serene. What better place is there to be than the beach he said. Just listening to the waves is already so relaxing. When you ride it though, it is a whole different story he said. It is like conquering a mountain and just hanging on as long as you can. The bigger the wave the better cause the longer you can ride it. There is a breathtaking feeling when you are on your surfboard. There are different kinds of board from long boards to short boards and they are used to ride different waves. Different boards are used depending on how good you are. Some people love surfing so much that there was this one girl who had one arm and still found a way to still very well.

Surfing is all about balancing and it just looks easy but it is very hard and tricky. It will take many times of falling before you can finally get up on the board even for a few seconds, but when you do, it’s going to feel out of this world and so good. It is indescribable the feeling you get when you get to stand and ride that wave. It is every beginners dream to ride the wave and enter the barrel and get out without getting washed off your board. No wonder Japanese love this sport so much.


Kyudo is what they call archery in Japan. Kyudo in English means the way of the bow. You would be surprised what you can do with a bow and how powerful it can be. The bow and arrow is very stealthy and quiet when shot compared to other weapons triggered. Tribes in the mountains use this and sometimes put poison on the tip when they have an enemy that is in the premise. In archery, you need accuracy and precision when shooting the arrow. There are many kinds of bows but the popular ones are the long bow and short bow. Sometimes bows are made of metal or wood and people get very creative with their bows and even customize it to their preference.

In this age we live in now, it is considered a sport when you shoot a circular target. You would actually think if what we see in movies is really true where a guy can shoot an arrow using a bow that hits only an apple on top of a person’s head. I can assure you this is true. The Japanese people are so good in the sport of archery, maybe even one of the best. Not most people like to engage in sports when it comes to archery because what is important is what they can prove to themselves as a person.

It is also an art. Archery isn’t all about the physical factors but you also have to train yourself morally and spiritually. It is a way of life and people aim to achieve a good accuracy and precision. You can gain a lot of respect even just being an archer in Japan because it is definitely not as easy as it looks. People train for this for years because this entails a lot of skill and hard work to become an amazing marksman. You would be surprised because even women are really good at archery and sometimes they are even better than men. With all that said, even I would get into archery because it chooses no person; you just need the passion and determination to achieve what you set your mind to.

Motorboat racing

In Japan, motorboat racing is called Kyotei. In this motorboat racing sport, there are six boats that race for victory against the rest of the boats. These boats go fast and have a very stylish design. It takes also a lot of practice to be able to drive this boat and to be so skillful to know the right time to turn and the highest speed you can be in certain turns to assure victory in the competition. For no confusion, every boat has a certain color specific for their boat and uniform. Same as other sports, the first one to finish the designated laps or reach the finish line first wins.

Motorboat racing in Japan is notorious for gambling. Many big people bet on this so the pressure is really on every driver to do well and push themselves to their best limit. The racers in the uniforms practice every day and make a living out of this. It is almost like racing with cars except on water. It is harder to maneuver vehicles on water and easier to lose balance so it can get very tricky. The boat was made in a way which it is stable but on ly to a certain extent when it isn’t pushed to its limits. I would honestly want to try this if given the chance. It looks very fun and something anyone would like to experience even once in their lives. Watching these games live is very exciting, you can hear the people cheering very loudly and how close the matches are always. Sometimes the matches would even surprise you because just when you think it is over suddenly the racer in second place becomes first and wins the match.

This sport can get very dangerous so you should be very careful when trying it. Even when you are doing every safety measure possible, there are also outside factors that can affect you while in a race or even practicing which has happened to many racer, being a sport that was introduced since the 1950s. There are too many good sports in Japan.

Skiing in Japan

What honestly sounds more fun than skiing? Everyone enjoys ice skating so much what more this. Anything that involves ice or snow excites everyone from kids to adults. People love the snow because not only is it cold but then you can make snowmen and snow angels. Kids also like having snow fights which are really fun when I remember these experiences of mine when I was young. Skiing is also very fun because it is like you are sliding on snow and  you can control how fast you go and going to the left or right.

Skiing in Japan is very accessible because it is just a two hours drive from Tokyo and all the Japanese really enjoy it. The ski slopes are really nice. It is on everyone’s bucket list to go skiing and enjoy that thrill when you are going down and when you fall. Just get back up and do it again. This is usually a weekend sport for all the Japanese and is very popular amongst them because they look forward to it all year round.

It is very important always to do your homework on what to bring for this sport or the right equipment to wear if you want to get into this and be a professional or even just an occasional person who goes skiing. You should make sure to have all the gear with you because safety is everything when getting yourself into anything. It is important you wear a helmet and ski glasses when engaging in this sport so as not to cause any harm to self in case of an accident. Once you get into this sport, I am telling you now, it is hard to stop because of the rush you get each time.

You can also snowboard which is like skiing except It is a board which you use to get through the snow. It is like skateboarding except without the wheels and on snow. Japan is very lucky to be in a location where it snows in Asia because many people want to try this sport but are not as lucky as them.