Skiing and Snowboarding in Japan

The winter sports in Japan has recently been gaining popularity in recent times, it has long been underrated as a winter sports destination. The geography of the country is mountainous, so when winter hits, it’s no surprise that there are plenty of skiing and snowboarding destinations available. The snowfall in Japan is heavy and the powder conditions of the snow is usually ideal which makes it such a great spot for Skiing and snowboarding. This can be attributed to the Siberian air mass which is the coldest in the world, because of this Japan has colder temperatures than even European countries.

The Skiing and Snowboarding season of Japan usually starts December and ends around April. It is recommended for enthusiasts to go during January to February since temperature isn’t as cold, not only the temperature but snow conditions are also just right at that time of the year. Skiing is the more popular option among the Japanese these days but snowboarding is catching on, and with a trip to Japanese skiing resort you’ll sure to be able to try both. There are over 500 resorts available in Japan and a lot of them come with a hot spring. Just the thought of skiing or snowboarding during the day while enjoying a hot spring bath after is the greatest allure of these Japanese resorts. Other than enjoying the hot springs after a hard day of skiing, there are plenty of other activities that can be done. One can enjoy the famous ice sculpting activities or the traditional tea ceremonies. If these don’t appeal to your taste then simply a good meal of traditional Japanese food and drinks such as sushi and sake will surely give you an experience you will not forget.


 Skiing and snowboarding first-timers have no problem trying out the sport since rentals are common-place at resorts which makes trying so much easier. There also other rental options such as snow bikes and snow scooters. One also has the option to use the skiing facilities for half-day if schedule or budget does not permit a lengthy stay. Japan is definitely becoming one of the premier winter sports centre in the world, it is a trip that should not be missed. Tokyo, Osaka and Okinawa aren’t the only places that offer a great experience of Japanese culture. Skiing destinations such as Nisesko and Rusutsu are also to be enjoyed in a trip to Japan.

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