Climbing Ogawayama

Rock climbing is an increasingly popular outdoor activity among the more adventurous outdoor enthusiasts who simply cannot settle for just walking around to enjoy a sight. Of course, in order to participate in some sort of rock climbing, one must find adequate rocks to conquer and it just so happens that Japan has some great rock climbing destinations.

Ogawayama is one such destination. Ogawayama is a mountain located between two of the Japanese prefectures, Yamanashi and Nagano, both known for their plentiful nature and culture. The mountain reaches almost 2,500 meters (1.6 miles) into the sky and is widely considered as one of the best rock climbing destination found in the Land of the Rising Sun. The rock is made of granite, a good substance of rock to be conquered when rock climbing.

A defining characteristic of the Ogawayama mountain is that is rather ideal for climbing – there are many slabs of rock along its slope to make use of, many cracks and splits in the face of the mountain to find adequate grip in, and plateaus to find to rest on before moving up higher into the mountain.

Ogawayama is also the home of some famous boulders in the rock climbing community. Names that might ring familiar for those intimately involved with the sport are the Banshousha slab boulder and the Captain Ahab boulder.

The mountain faces the issue of crowding – meaning that it has become popular to a point where rock climbers must actually wait for a certain part of the slope, called a route, to be freed of other climbers before they can start their own. The site has become very attractive to climbers, both foreign and local, especially for its diversity in routes and difficulties. Some parts of the mountain are notoriously difficult to conquer and require real experience and a lot of caution, while some are as easy as the rocks and trees children climb on a daily basis.

It is to note that visitors might be facing routes that have no pre-existing gear on team, meaning that there are no pre-installed metal rings or loops to attach one’s safety gear on while rising in terms of height. Also, Japan is home to a large variety of weather conditions, making it crucial to be able to gauge the weather on a specific day. The area Ogawayama is located in is known for its strong torrents of rain and lack of little drizzles as it will either drench the area inches deep or not rain at all.

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