Conquering the Tokyo Tower

The Tokyo Tower is one of the most stand-out landmarks to visit in Tokyo, visually setting itself apart with its contrasting white and international orange color scheme, virtually vying for the city’s visitors’ attention. It is a fairly standard tourist attraction, but nonetheless a great outdoor activity to partake in when visiting the Land of the Rising Sun – after all, you can’t go to Tokyo without having at least paid a visit to the tower, that’d be like going to New York without seeing the Empire State Building or to Paris and ignoring the Eiffel Tower.

Tokyo Tower

Many will have actually seen the tower without having ever been to Tokyo as the landmark does often get in the cross-fire of fighting forces brought to life by the magic of cinema. Most notable would be the tower’s frequent involvement in the Godzilla franchise, a favorite recipient of destruction.

The tower did originally serve a purpose outside of being an observation platform for tourists as a piece of telecommunications infrastructure, used by mainly television and radio stations. Nowadays, given the power of the internet and other digital means of receiving radio signals, the tower’s main function is more in the tourism category, with millions visiting the tower annually.

There is only one taller structure in Tokyo outside the Tokyo Tower, which measures in at 333 meters, with a variety of regular buildings hovering below that at the 200m mark. One of the main reasons people flock the the tower is FootTown, located directly beneath the tower. FootTown is a four-storey complex which plays home to a variety of museums, restaurants and retail outlets, which are a great way of killing some time after spending some time outside on the tower’s 250m high observation deck.

In 2011, a fairly strong earthquake rocked Tokyo which resulted in the Tokyo Tower’s antennae being bent and rendered useless. Since then the tower has not been used in telecommunications anymore, with the function now falling to the Tokyo Skytree, which also took over the title of tallest building in the Land of the Rising Sun. Every tourist should take the time out of their trip to pay a visit to the tower and see Tokyo’s skyline, a truly impressive sight.

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