Cycling in Japan

Japanese, in general, are very practical people and it can be seen immersed in their culture. A great example is the popularity of Cycling with the Japanese due to its convenience and practicality. If everyone drove cars instead of bikes, it will crowd the streets of the major cities. It is due to this way of thinking that made bikes not only popular with school kids trying to get around but also the working class of the population. It is not even unusual for one to spot even the aged members of the population riding through pedestrian traffic in a mamachari or a “granny bikes”. Japan has also been promoting biking or cycling among the members of the population by use of Japanese Cycling tours. These cycling tours aim to promote popular tourist spots while allowing the cyclist to experience the beauty of the mountainous country simultaneously. It is a romantic way to explore the beautiful country for Japan while enjoying it with your fellow cyclists.


Japanese Lady Cycling


Biking through the well paved roads of Japan are amazing but it is important for the cyclist to remember the road rules of Japan to avoid any unwanted trouble. Listed below are some of the basic rules that should be followed while biking in Japan.

1. Cyclists must ride through the left side of the road.

2. Riding dangerously is prohibited and if caught will warrant a fine.

3. Using bikes with broken brakes will also lead to a fine.

4. Basic rules apply to cycling such as passing a red light and biking intoxicated are prohibited.

5. Cycling on sidewalks are not allowed unless indicated by road signs.

6. Bikes ridden at night are required to have a bell or a lamp.

Following these rules will ensure that you will have no problem with the law while riding through the streets of Japan. It is also interesting to know that though not all the rules are strictly enforced by the police, it is still paramount to the safety of the rider to follow them. Cycling in Japan is a lovely way to travel without spending too much for transportation while enjoying the various sceneries whether it is the gorgeous countryside or the impressive high rise buildings of modern Japan. Whether you are visiting Japan or deciding to stay for a while, it is worth your while to rent or buy a bike to fully enjoy the cyclist culture of Japan.

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