Exploring Mount Tanigawa

Japan is a country filled with natural sights to see and explore, especially as the seasons change and different tourist attractions change their colors. Being an archipelago, Japan is naturally littered with many mountains to conquer.

One such mountain is Mount Tanigawa. Of the popular mountains, Tanigawa is likely the most rugged and craggy, measuring in at almost 2000 meters (6800 feet) vertically. The mountain can be found in the northern parts of Minakami, on the borders of the Gunma and Niigata prefectures.

Winter is likely the best time to visit the mountain as its majority gets covered in some very fine powder snow during the coldest of months. It is in this time when one can take advantage of the appropriately located ski resort of the side of the mountain. During the fall months, the surrounding valleys become especially picturesque in their deep brown and orange colors, a beautiful contrast from the bright and loud colors of the Japanese cities.

Mount Tanigawa is part of the 100 famous Japanese mountains and attracts appropriate amount of annual visitors for all sorts of activities. Hiking and mountain climbing is a frequent reason for visitors to make their way to the tall piece of nature. There are a variety of different trails available for all levels of hikers, with the most experienced ones often opting to trying their hand at exploring the mountain away from the beaten path. Of course, it must be noted that in order to do so one must be adequately equipped and experienced as a mountain like Tanigawa is not the right one to get lost in during Japan’s cold months. The hiking season only lasts from July to November, thus anyone wishing to pay a visit to the mountain should plan accordingly. An average hike from bottom to top takes around 4.5 hours and can be a very rewarding experience.

Another major attraction the mountain has for itself is the Tanigawadake Ropeway. Those not inclined for the adventure of hiking can enjoy some of the most beautiful natural sights of Japan from the comfort of a gondola going up and down the slope of the mountain.

Image by visitgunma.jp