Going to the Beach, Japanese Style

A beach trip is something that can be enjoyed by almost anyone, and though Japan is not well known for them, they still boast a lot of beautiful beaches. Going to the beach is something done worldwide but different places have their own beach culture, same holds true for Japan. In Japan they are crazy about beach houses, they have small houses that can be rented so they can enjoy a bite of food and assure the safety of the stuff that they bring. One of their popular beach dishes is yakisoba or basically stir fried noodles. As a cool treat the Japanese love to eat watermelons in the beach, they even have their own game with these watermelons. Suika-wari as it is called in Japan is basically the piñata game but with a refreshing watermelon. Another interesting thing about Japanese beach goers is that they enjoy playing with fireworks in the beach. It must be the allure of seeing all these flashy lights in the dark canopy of night. The effect is beautiful especially without city lights to disrupt the colourful fireworks up in the air. These are just some of the quirks that makes Japanese beach culture different from the rest of the world. We should always remember that Japan is more than just modern and traditional cities but a great destination for nature lovers.


Japanese Beach

Some of Japan’s most popular beaches are places that must be visited by anyone who wants some sun. One should just note that Japan has four seasons and it is important to plan your day on the beach to make sure that weather won’t disrupt the fun. The Shirahama beach in the Izu Peninsula is a beautiful white stretch of beach 800 meters long. Official swimming season though is a bit short which usually ranges from July to August, and with weather permitting it will last till September. The good news is that this beautiful destination is just three hours from Tokyo by train, so travel time isn’t as long as one would expect to get to a great beach. In Okinawa there is the Emerald Beach, just from the name it can be surmised it is a great place to soak in the sun. The Emerald Beach is a great place to start to explore the clear waters of Okinawa, it is arguably one of the best places to swim in Japan.

Image by Japan Experience

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