Golf At The Phoenix Seagaia Resort

The strong presence of Golf in Japan can be considered somewhat surprising by some. However, with Japan’s tendency to quickly pick up on the western sports, bring it into their own culture and develop it on their own, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise, especially given the feeling of exclusivity associated with golf, as well as its integration into much of western corporate culture.

Japan has since developed a strong golfing culture, with hundreds of courses located across the nation. One of the most exclusive places to go for a round or two of golf is the Phoenix Seagaia Resort. Located on the Hitotsuba Pacific Coast, the golf courses at the Phoenix Seagaia Resort are considered some of the most prolific as well as exclusive throughout the entire Japanese golf industry.

The resort’s own golf course features a whooping 45 holes for an unadulterated experience of Japan’s finest golf. The 45 holes are spread out over two separate courses, 18 of which can be played at the so-called Tom Watson course, while the remaining 27 can be tackled at the Phoenix Country Club.

On that note, the Phoenix Country Club can be further broken down into a wider variety of courses to customize one’s experience while there. Its 27 holes are split into three individual nine-hole courses which can be played in a variety of combinations. Those are the Sumiyoshi Course, the Nichinan Course and the Takachiho Course. The Phoenix Country Club is also often home to tournaments, one of which is the Dunlop Phoenix Tournament. One of the iconic features of the Club is the last hole of the Sumiyoshi course, which has already given birth to some very intense moments during said tournament.

The Nichinan’s nine holes are known for requiring a mastery over mid-range shots as inaccuracy is easily punished by the course’s layout, and is thus one of the most technical courses in the area.

The Tom Watson Course is generally the most scenic and perhaps more appropriate for those wishing to pace themselves through a more varied range of difficulty and scenery. Some holes here are wide and flat, allowing a larger margin for error, while some fairways tend to be very narrow and steep, forcing the player to bring his A-game.

Following an intense round of golf, players can head to the resort to unwind and enjoy some of the finest local cuisine over a drink overlooking the beach front.

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