Golfing Near Tokyo

When you head to Japan, you’re most likely heading to the capital of the city, the metropolis that is Tokyo. Of course, there is much to do in Tokyo, much to see – after all, it is a city of wonders. And despite being a hub of technology and culture, there is also much nature to see in the area, including some wonderful venues for exploring the great outdoors. However, for the lover of Golf, Tokyo in itself might not be the prime destination. One of the reasons for this is the lack of space, constraining many golf courses in the immediate area to smaller-than-average square kilometers of open space, making courses rather challenging as well as uncomfortable, especially on a crowded day. Fear not, however, as there are several worthwhile golf courses within driving distance of the Land of the Rising Sun’s capital city.

The Kawana Hotel Resort isn’t for the golfer faint of heart. This hotel is home to two golf courses which are known for their high degree of difficulty. The more prolific of the two courses, the Oshima course, has nicknames for every hole along the way, one of which is affectionately called “Goodbye” by its veterans, in memory of all the innocent golf balls lost along the hole. Kawana Hotel’s courses also have majestic views of the famous Mount Fuji, and the course is entered on the Top 100 Golf Courses of the World at rank 77. Playing here will set you back Y20,000 on a weekday and Y27,500 on a weekend (USD185 and USD250 respectively). A rather pricey affair but well worth it. It is also to note that the secondary course, the Fuji course, is only accessible by those who have also booked a room in the hotel.


For those not willing to risk losing all their balls on that course, the Windsor Park Golf And Country Club might be more along one’s tastes. This one is located very conveniently for those staying in Tokyo as it is only about one hour away from the city via the Joban Expressway. The Windsor Park Golf and Country Club’s course is maintained to a very high international standard, home to some exceptional staff. Compared to the Kawana courses, this one is significantly less harrowing but should still prove to be a good challenge for players of all levels. It is home to beautiful greens and has a clubhouse with a very classic golfing feel to it. Playing here won’t break your bank too badly, as the weekday cost lies at Y6,800 and the weekend cost lies Y13,000 (USD63 and USD121 respectively.)

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