Hiking in Japan

Japan, despite being well-known for its traditional and modern structures located in places like Osaka and Tokyo, is also an underrated hiking centre. Japan, being a mountainous country, holds various peaks that are waiting to be conquered by hikers. The beautiful peaks and lush forests of Japan are virtually opposite of what can be seen in their ultra-modern cities. Looking for a nature filled adventure, there are a couple of peaks that comes, recommended below.

The Daisetsuzan National Park located in Hokkaido literally means big snow mountain. So those looking for a climb in freezing cold weather, this is perfect. It is Japan’s largest national park and holds vast areas of wilderness to explore. At the foot of the mountains, there are various onsens where one can stay, which is perfect after a long day of hiking. Exploring the natural wonders of the area by day and relaxing at the onsen by night. This is a lifestyle that anyone who loves nature should experience.

Mt. Fuji the country’s highest peak and also an active volcano should definitely be on the list for enthusiasts. Mt. Fuji does not only boastsa symmetrical cone shape but a great hiking trail. The allure of this mountain is the view of the sacred volcano around Fuji’s five lakes. This is definitely a trip worth making and is great bragging rights for anyone who climbs to the peak.

The Famous Mt. Fuji

Mt. Takao is a perfect hiking trip for beginners due to its relatively easy climb. It is also located near Tokyo, so you can still be near the city while enjoying the wild nature of Japan. This mountain also boasts a lot of Japanese history; this is where the hermits, called yamabushi in Japanese, used to practice their traditional ways. It is also popular for the Tengu sculpture which is a mythical figure in Japan. The mountain during modern times also has local eateries nearby, so there is always a place to stop and relax while having a good meal.

Hiking in Japan is not limited to these mountains but these could be good ways to start exploring the rich history and nature of Japan. It is important to remember that Japan is a lot more than ultra-modern cities and hiking is just one of the ways to enjoy the nature side of Japan. There are always guides available to majority of these mountains, so it is important to hire a local before you begin your journey into the countryside.

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