Ina Camping Village

The interesting thing about camping is that it really reveals a person’s ability to adapt – and should you happen to be out on a camping trip with a few friends for an extended amount of time, you will truly get to know them. One’s ability to adapt really comes in handy when one visits a variety of camping sites, as each will have access to different facilities, with some providing only a piece of land, nothing more.

Japan has a large variety of campsites, each with its own features and appeals. They can be found far and wide, some at beaches, some near forests, and many even near the major cities. It is generally advisable that prospective campers always prepare for the worst case scenario as sometimes information about campsites can be outdated, or some facilities such as toilets or water outlets, can be under maintenance.

One of the most popular camping spots to recommend to the adventurous visitor is the Ina Camping Village. Located in the Tokyo Prefecture, that is near the city of Tokyo, the campsite is perfect for those looking for an affordable nature-themed getaway after spending some time in the chaotic and busy city that Tokyo is.

Unlike some others, the campsite has access to quite a few amenities. Location wise, the site is conveniently close to Chichibu Tama Kai National Park, which features a variety of beautiful sceneries to experience. The cottages of the campsite are close to a river, which opens up many different possibilities to kill time with. Some fun favorites include fishing, floating along in a boat and even snorkeling, all of which are generally a big hit among kids, making the destination ideal to visit alongside a few friendly families to take a combined holiday away from the city. The cottages on the site wherein one can stay aren’t luxurious by any means, but they get the job done – after all, one doesn’t go camping to stay inside all day, but to have fun outside. There are however, cottages equipped with air conditioning, toiletries and so on, making it more akin to a hostel or rider-side motel, perfect to enjoy some of Japan’s finest outdoors in.

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