Japanese Hot Springs

The Hot Springs of Japan is one thing a tourist or even a local for that matter shouldn’t miss while in the country.  Locally known as “onsen”, the hot springs are all over the country because geographically the country is home to many volcanoes which are responsible for the various hot springs. Traditionally, the hot springs are located outdoors but indoor hot springs are starting to trend in Japan. The various hot springs are ways that help Japanese unwind from a hard day of work or school. Various bath houses boast the health benefits of the water which come from the various natural minerals. These minerals are responsible not only for the supposed health benefits but the various difference in baths, such as the odours and the colors of the bath.


Hot Spring

The hot springs, though, are not for those who are shy with nudity since these are often enjoyed naked. More often than not, baths are separated by gender with the exception of a few remote bath houses. The best hot spring experience includes spending the night at an onsen ryokan or a Japanese inn with a hot spring. This is one of the more popular Japanese vacations and typically, these onsen ryokan serve delicious Japanese food for dinner. So if ever you are looking for a relaxing night, these onsen ryokan is a must to visit in the country.

There is such a wide selection for onsens in Japan but some are more well-known as others. The three most popular are Kusatsu, Gero and Arima Onsen. The Kusatsu onsen is found at the foot of Mt. Kusatsu which is located at the province of Gunma. The Kusatsu hot spring has eighteen public baths wherein the majority of them operate 24 hours a day. The hot springs are said to be great for health which is further augmented by a story wherein a Doctor Balz from Germany made mention of its health benefits. The next on the list is the Gero onsen which is located in Honshu, the town is popular for its various footbaths which can be enjoyed by anyone free of charge. These footbaths can be enjoyed by simply strolling around town and locating one. The main hot springs are famous for its healing properties which is supposedly able to rheumatism and nervous diseases. The last is the Arima onsens located in Kobe is said to be the oldest in Japan. It is famous for its variety of hot springs which includes a soda-pop flavoured hot spring and a salt rich hot spring. Listed are just some of the amazing hot springs Japan has to offer. It is highly recommended that the magical hot springs of Japan must be experienced by anyone especially tourists who have a chance to enjoy a day or night of relaxation.

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