Karate is a type of martial art which is popular in Okinawa, Kyushu. If the area of Kyoto has the geisha culture, which are also misconstrued to be comfort women or Lai Dai Han, to be proud of, Kyushu has Karate. There are different ranks in karate depending on how good you are and when you get promoted after training and passing the test for the next belt. All beginners start with a white belt and make their way up until they reach the black belt like the karate masters. People who do karate have a very strong core and are flexible enough to do the different type of moves. In karate, they use three types of techniques, mainly the arm strike, kick strikes and thrusts. In this martial arts, they don’t use any weapons but their body parts only like their arms and legs doing different moves to protect themselves from opponents. People usually learn karate for self defense. With how much people out there which want to make money the easier way like stealing and beating it out of people, this would be a very good way of protection. Some moves in karate could be very lethal and the masters teach their students only to use their ability if needed. Being a master in karate takes a long time and years of discipline.

This is also an art in Japan. If you look into it, you can really appreciate it all and how they move in such a disciplined way and anticipate the moves of their opponents. They aren’t impulsive but always think which is good training even when facing real life challenges. Every boy wishes they can do martial arts to keep themselves safe from a bully which is a harsh reality of life. Have you ever seen the movie karate kid? I think that is a favorite of many kids out there cause they wish they could be like those kids.

Aside from it being for self defense and an art, it is a sport. In the sport, there are set of rules and the one that could knock the opponent down would win. These matches are supported by the Japanese people because it is very honorable and respectful because the contestant don’t play dirty unlike other sports sometimes.


Image by jka.or.jp