In Japan, Keirin is a track cycling event where professional cyclists battle it out biking as fast as they can. This is part of the Olympics since 2000. Cycling is a sport enjoyed by many. Everyone remembers the first time they rode their bike and pimped it out to make it run super well when we all did not have cars yet. Some bicycles are really expensive though and can reach as high as a second hand car. Some frames are made of titanium or even carbon fiber so they are very light and easy to use. These expensive ones are what we see in this sport in Japan. Many people come out to see these fit cyclists battle it out. In cycling, you need a lot of leg muscle and endurance. Training everyday makes you reach these and little by little you will see that you are getting better and better where cycling up to certain places becomes very easy and walking becomes very light.

Cycling in Japan started in 1948 in the city of Kokura. It has become very popular that people are legally betting on this sport. Japanese make this a source of livelihood from betting. The different racers are in different colors so they can easily be differentiated. There is such a good feeling from being the cyclist. I myself like to cycle as a hobby because you get to places faster than jogging and at the same time you see such a beautiful view of the city and the people. No wonder people love this sport so much and support all the cyclists all out.

A bike has a lot of parts and it is like a car where you shift gears when you are going up and when you are going on a straight line. It is not also surprising why a lot of good manufacturers of bike parts come from Japan. Cycling can also be very relaxing and something you can do as bonding with friends, siblings, and a spouse. We are all looking for the right sport always to play and the perfect ones for us and this fits many people.