Kyudo is what they call archery in Japan. Kyudo in English means the way of the bow. You would be surprised what you can do with a bow and how powerful it can be. The bow and arrow is very stealthy and quiet when shot compared to other weapons triggered. Tribes in the mountains use this and sometimes put poison on the tip when they have an enemy that is in the premise. In archery, you need accuracy and precision when shooting the arrow. There are many kinds of bows but the popular ones are the long bow and short bow. Sometimes bows are made of metal or wood and people get very creative with their bows and even customize it to their preference.

In this age we live in now, it is considered a sport when you shoot a circular target. You would actually think if what we see in movies is really true where a guy can shoot an arrow using a bow that hits only an apple on top of a person’s head. I can assure you this is true. The Japanese people are so good in the sport of archery, maybe even one of the best. Not most people like to engage in sports when it comes to archery because what is important is what they can prove to themselves as a person.

It is also an art. Archery isn’t all about the physical factors but you also have to train yourself morally and spiritually. It is a way of life and people aim to achieve a good accuracy and precision. You can gain a lot of respect even just being an archer in Japan because it is definitely not as easy as it looks. People train for this for years because this entails a lot of skill and hard work to become an amazing marksman. You would be surprised because even women are really good at archery and sometimes they are even better than men. With all that said, even I would get into archery because it chooses no person; you just need the passion and determination to achieve what you set your mind to.