Miyako Island

Japan is a country blessed with a significantly large variety in what nature has to offer, meaning that the Land of the Rising Sun has something to offer and appease all tastes throughout the entire year and its four glorious seasons.

One common characteristic that Japan shares with most of its Southeast Asian neighbors is an abundance of beautiful beaches and small islands that make perfect getaway spots for relaxation and fun. And let’s face it – who doesn’t enjoy lazing around in the sun on a clean sandy beach with the infinite sights of the Pacific Ocean right at one’s feet?

Miyako Island is one of the best destinations Japan has to offer to its locals and tourists when it comes to taking advantage of the blazing summer heat and desire to spent it at a beach. Miyako Island is commonly referred to as Miyakojima, lies roughly 300 kilometers (185 miles) from the main island of Okinawa and belongs to the same Okinawa Prefecture. Miyako Island is the fourth largest island in the entire prefecture and is generally known for its status as one of the best diving and snorkeling spots in that part of Japan. Population wise the island is rather small and lacks any significant mountains or other forms of heights and is thus covered in a few towns, many restaurants and sugar cane fields. Tourism is the main industry of the island and it shows in its wide offering of accommodation, restaurants and activities to enjoy when visiting.

The beaches offered on Miyakojima are often referred to as some of the most scenic and prolific throughout all of Japan. The two best beaches are called Yonaha-Maehama and Yoshino Kaigan respectively. Yonaha-Maehama beach is located in the southeastern corner of the island and is suited for those looking for some fun and relaxation. Spanning over 7 kilometers, the beach proves itself ideal for engaging in water sports, swimming in the crystal clear water or simply lying at the beach to enjoy the famously stunning sunsets of Miyako.

The other contender for the spot of the best beach on the island is Yoshino Kaigan beach. Yoshino beach has a bit of a different target demographic than Yonaha-Maehama as it is generally considered the best spot on the island to SCUBA dive and snorkel in. Visitors can enjoy the colorful underwater wildlife of the island with some rented gear and relax at the picturesque beach afterwards.

First image by keiko.com on flickr.

Second image by reefcentral.com


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