Motorboat racing

In Japan, motorboat racing is called Kyotei. In this motorboat racing sport, there are six boats that race for victory against the rest of the boats. These boats go fast and have a very stylish design. It takes also a lot of practice to be able to drive this boat and to be so skillful to know the right time to turn and the highest speed you can be in certain turns to assure victory in the competition. For no confusion, every boat has a certain color specific for their boat and uniform. Same as other sports, the first one to finish the designated laps or reach the finish line first wins.

Motorboat racing in Japan is notorious for gambling. Many big people bet on this so the pressure is really on every driver to do well and push themselves to their best limit. The racers in the uniforms practice every day and make a living out of this. It is almost like racing with cars except on water. It is harder to maneuver vehicles on water and easier to lose balance so it can get very tricky. The boat was made in a way which it is stable but on ly to a certain extent when it isn’t pushed to its limits. I would honestly want to try this if given the chance. It looks very fun and something anyone would like to experience even once in their lives. Watching these games live is very exciting, you can hear the people cheering very loudly and how close the matches are always. Sometimes the matches would even surprise you because just when you think it is over suddenly the racer in second place becomes first and wins the match.

This sport can get very dangerous so you should be very careful when trying it. Even when you are doing every safety measure possible, there are also outside factors that can affect you while in a race or even practicing which has happened to many racer, being a sport that was introduced since the 1950s. There are too many good sports in Japan.