Scuba Diving in Japan

Japan is an archipelago, it is basically a collection of islands surrounded by the sea. It is no wonder then why Japan has plenty of Scuba diving spots located all over the country. Japan isn’t as popular as other countries as a diving spot but the diving locations in the country can rival some of the best in the world. The most famous diving spots in Japan are located at the very southern area of Japan at an area called Okinawa. This island boasts of clear waters and a refreshing atmosphere. The coral colonies located nearby are one of the biggest in the world and contains a variety of marine life that is sure to leave you breathless.

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Amazing Marine Life

Japan has diving spots that rival the Great Barrier Reef such as the Yonaguni island and the underwater lost city Iseki. These are some of the most interesting dive spots today. It is not as famous as other dive spots but is guaranteed to give any diving enthusiast goose bumps. The lost city has giant corridors which is said to be even older than the Egyptian pyramids. It is arguably one of the best diving spots in the world. The diving spots in Japan also feature majestic marine life. Sightings of the elusive Manta are common in Ishigaki. The great Hammerhead shark can be spotted in the Izu Peninsula and Yonaguni Island. In the Kerama islands corals, nudibranch and shrimp are wonderful sights in these area. Nature lovers will love what the country has to offer.

To top it all off, diving in Japan will also bring you closer to the famous Japanese culture. The Japanese are known to be hospitable to tourists and the bath houses located around Japan are amazing. Couple your dive with a relaxing night with the best sushi in the world and you have a winner. Diving in Japan is an experience that is both on and off the shore which will surely leave you wanting more. As a diver just be responsible in checking weather forecasts as tropical storms are constant in Japan, also take note of the weather seasons in Japan as they can affect diving conditions. If good weather is assured, diving in the land of rising sun will surely leave a memorable experience. Lastly, don’t forget your underwater cameras, leaving them tends to be a source of regret. Trust me when I say that you will want this trip to have photo documentation.

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