Skydiving in Japan

Japan is a country that offers all kinds of activities to its residents and visitors. One can choose to spend one’s time indoor or outdoors and for those willing to explore the beauty of the Japanese outdoors, there are many different activities to explore. The nation is riddled with beautiful countrysides and varying types of environments for outdoor enthusiasts of all levels to enjoy.

For those who aren’t quite content with merely experiencing such views from the normalcy of land travel, skydiving (also called parachuting) might be worth taking a look at. Skydiving is an extreme action sport and definitely not something for those faint of heart. The activity involves jumping out of an airplane at high altitudes and sailing to the ground by the way of a parachute. This action sport is something for those seeking thrills and adrenaline rushes – but also allows an unparalleled experience, and view, of the beautiful sights Japan has to offer. A rather nontraditional approach to experiencing the country as opposed to taking a tour bus to see some sights, but definitely worth it for those with a stomach to handle the several thousand feet high drop.


There aren’t that many places to go Skydiving in Japan, but some do exist. One such place is organized by the Tokyo Skydiving Club, which also serves as the home of the Japanese National 4-way and 8-way team which is a type of formation skydiving wherein the members of the team create different formations in the air prior to using the parachute in order to land. The Tokyo Skydiving Club operates on the Honda Airport, located rather close to Tokyo in the Saitama Prefecture. The club is open on weekends mainly and is a “full service dropzone,” meaning that different kinds of parachuting can be done from there. The airplane they use is a Cessna Caravan C-208, which is a lightweight, single-propeller aircraft with space for 9 to 14 passengers, depending on its interior configuration. For those who have never done skydiving before or wish to do it once in a while, the Tokyo Skydiving Club also offers complete sets of rental gear as well as individual and group coaching. It should be noted that foreigners willing to parachute in Japan must register with the appropriate government offices prior to landing in the country due to safety and legal reasons.

Cessna Caravan C-208

A few other drop zones exist throughout Japan, however the Toyko Skydiving Club is regarded as the best and is frequently visited by the most well-known names in the field.

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