Surfing the waves of Japan

Japan has the biggest market for surf goods because of their craftsmanship and how much the people in their country also love the sport. I heard that surfing can be very relaxing. You also feel like wave riders that are always out to catch the next one. Japanese are such good surfers because of the discipline they set themselves and determination they set. Japanese people are just really sporty and it really is not surprising why they are good in many things. They turn every sport that they are passionate about into a way of life.

I talked to a surfer once and I asked him what he found very interesting in surfing. He said that surfing is just so serene. What better place is there to be than the beach he said. Just listening to the waves is already so relaxing. When you ride it though, it is a whole different story he said. It is like conquering a mountain and just hanging on as long as you can. The bigger the wave the better cause the longer you can ride it. There is a breathtaking feeling when you are on your surfboard. There are different kinds of board from long boards to short boards and they are used to ride different waves. Different boards are used depending on how good you are. Some people love surfing so much that there was this one girl who had one arm and still found a way to still very well.

Surfing is all about balancing and it just looks easy but it is very hard and tricky. It will take many times of falling before you can finally get up on the board even for a few seconds, but when you do, it’s going to feel out of this world and so good. It is indescribable the feeling you get when you get to stand and ride that wave. It is every beginners dream to ride the wave and enter the barrel and get out without getting washed off your board. No wonder Japanese love this sport so much.