Top Natural Wonders to Visit

Japan has plenty of things to do and see, with a major part of the country’s beautiful attractions located in the great outdoors, making the nation a hub of picturesque sights and views. The fabled Land of the Rising Sun is home to 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites alone, attracting thousands of foreign tourists each year to explore some of the most serene sights to see in South East Asia. Whether one seeks sights of historical value or mere natural beauty, Japan is capable of accommodating all such needs. There are many wonders to see in Japan, especially natural ones.

The first stop one anyone’s roadmap to visiting Japan’s luscious outdoors should be Mount Fuji. The mountain is Japan’s largest in height, reaching an impressive 3,777 meters above sea level, and is located about 1-2 hours away from Tokyo and can even be seen on the horizon from the nation’s capital on a clear and sunny day. The mountain is a beautiful sight regardless of the season and is one of Japan’s most iconic sights and is definitely ranked amongst the most important places to visit.

Similar to Mount Fuji is Mount Aso. Except that Mount Aso, or Aso-san as often referred to by locals, is an active volcano. It’s not only the largest volcano in Japan, but one of the largest active ones in the world and is in fact emitting fumes from its depths that make it dangerous to visit the volcano every now and then, and is definitely not a wonder one should get too close to if one suffers from breathing or lung problems. Regardless, it is one of the most spectacular sights to see in Japan.

Fumes emitted from the active volcano.

The next sight to see is Matsushima, which unlike Mounts Fuji and Aso is much closer to sea level due to it being a group of 260 small islands covered in pine trees. The view is wonderful at night with the night sky reflected off the water on a clear night. In fact, the view is so scenic that the Matsushima islands are in the “Three Scenic Points,” a collection of the three most beautiful sights to see in Japan as defined by the Japanese scholar Hayashi Gaho. The other sights he named were the sandbar of Amanohashidate in Kyoto and the Itsukushima Shrine in Hiroshima.

One of the 260 islands.

Those are just some of the top natural wonders to visit in Japan and anyone paying a visit to the nation should explore some others – whether water or land based, Japan has some of the most wondrous sights to see.

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