Trekking the Great Mt. Fuji

Japan has lately been such a tourist attraction and a country that everyone enjoys, from families to just people backpacking. I haven’t heard of anyone who went to Japan and got home disappointing or it wasn’t their money’s worth what they spent over there. Tourists go to see the beautiful country, socialize with the friendly Japanese people and the food. Where else can you get the most authentic Japanese food than Japan itself. Other than the food though, tourists go to Japan to see the cherry blossoms in Mount Fuji. Everyone wants to see Mount Fuji even once in their life because it is truly breathtaking on all levels.

This mountain located on Honshu island is the most famous and tallest mountain in Japan. It is just west of Tokyo so it is very accessible. There are 4 trails now going up the top of the mountain. Namely, these trails are the Yoshida Trail which is yellow, the Subashiri Trail is colored red, the Gotemba Trail which is green; and the Fujinomiya Trail which is blue. The most popular one is the yellow one because it is the easiest of them all in terms of getting there from Tokyo and using it to get up the mountain. This mountain can be trekked from July to the start of September.

If you decide to trek this wonderful mountain, you have to be ready physically and spiritually. It would be good if you jogged every other day before heading to Japan, so you won’t have such a hard time and your stamina can endure the hike that you are about to take. You will not be bored at all while hiking it because the sceneries on the way up to your destination in my opinion is just magical and beautiful. Make sure to wear the right gear when you go on this journey and to pack right. I would recommend you do your research and bring a lot of water. Bring snacks so while you are hiking you wouldn’t have to stop but you are still able to get the energy you need to go on. Don’t forget to bring a camera to take pictures of all the nice views and make everlasting memories on this adventure.