Golf is, interestingly enough, one of the most flexible sports that has become popular in the past few centuries. Rules change from club to club, there are a variety of different scoring systems to play the game under and many different professional leagues and tournaments are held regularly across the world with excessively high price pools – an extremely competitive sport that is not to be taken lightly. One aspect that golf has over many other competitive sports is the variety in gear used and required. This makes golf far from being a cheap sport, as equipping oneself with good clubs, clothes and accessories needed doesn’t happen cheaply. It just so happens that Japan is one of the nations well known for manufacturing some truly high-end gear – and the Japanese manufacturer Vega is one of the names only those with good knowledge of the industry might recognize.

The company’s origin lies in Kobe, a place in Japan with much background in metal work, generally focused on the production and forging of weaponry used by the Samurais – a very intricate craft. And while those skills may not be relevant anymore nowadays as the demand for swords is rather low, the skill to produce such an epic weapon is far from wasted and, today, applied to the creation of golf clubs.

Vega states to be in pursuit of crafting the perfect golf club. Their product line is focused on the clubs made of iron and steel, which in golf terms normally relate to irons, wedges and putters. To them, every single golf club they manufacture is a piece of art, not meant to be displayed in a case of glass, but used to perfection in the hands of a capable artist, on the wide, green, competitive fields of golf. Japan is a country known for both culture, craftsmanship and technological dominance. Vega strives to embody all of these aspects – “a fusion of old and new” as they claim themselves. Like some other Japanese golf club manufacturers, Vega Golf handcrafts each and every one of their clubs, meaning there is no mass production by the means of factories. Thus their clubs are of highest quality – and this is, of course, reflected in their prices. A single Vega club will set you back a pretty penny – well into the thousands of US Dollars, which is more than what the average beginner pays for an entire set of new clubs.

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