Urban Fishing in Japan

I rarely meet people who are not interested in fishing. Everyone I meet usually likes fishing or wants to try it. There is a thrill in catching a fish no matter how small it is. It is all about how much bait you put, how well you place it, and the way you cast it. You must put enough bait to cover the hook but not too much that it would just fall when the fish tries to bite it when it is casted into the water. You should always make sure that when you put the bait that it is locked well on the hook for a higher possibility of getting a good catch or even a catch at all. You can use different kinds of baits but it would be best to use prawns, worms, or doe; all these work very well. Japan is full of different water bodies where you are more or less assured a catch because of the biodiversity of the aquatic species in this country. Examples of these rivers would be the Sumida and Tamagawa rivers or the Ichigaya fish centre where you can fish a pool. Many tourists and locals always catch so many kilos of fishes. In the center, you would find many kois and other fishes. It is funny because sometimes you catch the most odd things like a shoe, a sock, or even trash; this one times though I had an experience where I caught a crab on my line. It is really too amazing how many species of fishes that can be located in japan and they all look so beautiful. There are some I have seen where I would even bring home because it looks too good to eat. Some fishes though are really nor just edible because they can be very hard. Fishing may take a lot of patience but it is definitely worth the wait always and just very relaxing. There are some people that do it the whole day and some that do it as bonding with their sons or grandsons. I recommend everyone to go out there and try fishing whenever they can because they will be surprised at how much they could enjoy it. While this is the main feature of the area, other cities like Tokyo and Kyoto have certain things to offer as well. Tokyo for example is the central hub of technology and is known as the city of lights in Japan while Kyoto is the geisha area, which are not to be confused with Comfort Women or Korean Comfort women.

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Baseball, a Popular Sport in Japan

You would think that baseball would be only popular in America and why would it appeal to the Asian people, but then apparently, the Japanese love this sport and they are very good at it. Japanese baseball players are one of the best players there are and ever recorded out there. This is probably because the Japanese are very disciplined, respectful, and know what they want once they put their minds to it. Japanese have always been really good in sports and many originated from there. We have always seen the Japanese people be unbelievably fast in the different sports. These Japanese people are even getting better than the Americans at times, so they better watch their backs. I’ve seen a Japanese pitch a fast ball once I barely saw it because of how fast it was going. I thought my mind was playing tricks on me, but then it happened again and again. I could just imagine how hard that would hurt if that fast ball hit me and how could it even be possible for someone to pitch that fast.

In Japan, they have two professional leagues, the Pacific and the Central which are both composed of six teams each. Tickets are usually bought at the ballpark for a very affordable price and don’t usually run out as fast considering the popularity of the sport over there. If there are major leagues then there are minor leagues as well. Japanese also train very young to get as good as they are when they grow older. This sport is played in Japanese schools and there are lots of scouts out there always looking for new players even in Japan. There are times where they are drafted and have to go away from home to train. Though it is hard, these Japanese drafted players find it more than worth it and would gladly do it because not only are they enjoying what they are doing, but they are also making their families and country very proud. Honor is a very big matter to the Japanese and more so, respect; which they show to everyone they are around.


Ekiden is what they call their marathon relay in Japan. It started around 1917 and was a run which lasted for three days. Using our legs and feet for sports is so common in all sports butt hen a relay and running really tests your endurance and how fast you can go. Running is thebest cardio and makes you lose weight the fastest. With that said, you should always hydratew hen doing these relay competitions. This race is done on the road and they close down the roads needed when there is a competition. In this sport, we can say that there are people in station and when they guy who has the stick passes it, the other guy can run as well or touche shim in the station, until you reach the long awaited finish line. Usually, it is a distance of five hundred eight kilometers that is run, that’s why it is done for three days. This sport is very popular in Japan because they like running and exercising. Japanese are always on the go if you visit their cities,  just  like New York. They even influenced other countries to make more races like these.

Now they are becoming very popular around the world and everyone is getting into it.  Running  is already a way of  life and a lifestyle to keep you healthy. A fifteen minute jog a day could honestly make you more energetic and make you burn those unnecessary calories. People go jogging at any time of the day, but mostly in the morning or night time. The breeze in these times of the day is so good that it makes running a lot more pleasurable. It is really amazing this marathon they have made that lasts for days. Even if you don’t win, it feels like such an achievement and you feel like you are a part of something bigger. A lot of teamwork is involved in this and while you are running you would think of pushing yourself to the limits you never imagined you could before, just so you can show your teammates you gave it your all.

Shower climbing in Japan

For the adventure seekers out there, shower climbing would be amazing in the summer for you. I’m sure it is the first time you would probably be hearing about this but I promise you, it is very interesting. From the name, you would know already that this has something to do with rock climbing and flowing water just like a shower. This is another kind of rock climbing for sure because you have the hardship of climbing the mountain but imagine water flowing on you while you are doing so. I’m sure you are wondering won’t I be washed out by the current? The current is not strong enough to do that and they choose a path that has already been taken and safe for the people that want to try this. They also ensure that before you embark on this journey that the current would not be strong or it would be unfit to do shower climbing for that day. You will also be given rock climbing gear and ropes for protecting that will guide you in case anything might go wrong which makes it safe because no matter what happens you will be hanging on a rope.

I would suggest that whoever tries this would try normal rock climbing to get the hang of it first a few times because many assume that rock climbing is easy but it takes a lot of core muscle, grip, and endurance to stay on. Always make sure to use the right gear like a helmet so your adventure won’t be a bad one but one that you can remember forever with whomever you are sharing this experience with. Succeeding in completing this hike would be such an achievement to anyone who does it. Who can say that they climbed a route in the mountain while they were being showered with a current but they never chose to give and finished it? This is definitely one for the books and something you can tell to your kids and grandchildren. I advice anyone to go out there and take this challenge not just to prove something to yourself but to be able to try something new and unusual.


It might be the first time you hear of canyoning because there was a time I did and I was shocked, I thought I was reading kayaking spelled wrongly. Apparently, canyoning is a river activity where people slide down the canyon through the running stream and falls and finally end up in the waterfall basin. Some people think of it as a sport and they get very competitive with their friends and family members by timing themselves. As a child everyone enjoyed the slides in the park and most especially those slides in the pools. Yet every little kids dream is for their parents to bring them to a wake park where they can try out all the insane slides which even the adults enjoy. Canyoning is a different experience though because it isn’t man made completely. It is one slide where you end up seeing such beautiful nature while going down the slide and the water that is pushing you down is just so natural and clean because it just keeps flowing. To do this exciting adventure you will need to wear the proper gear.

You will be provided with a head gear and a life vest which will keep you protected from any accidents that may occur or from scratching yourself and getting a bruise. There have not been much cases at all of people getting injured while doing this because they all listen carefully to the guide and they don’t try to do anything foolish like slide backwards or anything like that. It is honestly amazing how people can come up with this like this to have fun and enjoy, it really is very brilliant. I could never imagine in my wildest dreams that something like this would ever be invented or introduced to us. I honestly wonder what else they could come up with. The rush you get when you ride those falls or river is something else and the adrenaline just pumps then you suddenly reach the calm water in the bottom and fall in it safely cause it is not shallow at all and it is just so clean.

Cycling the interesting streets of Japan

People say that Tokyo may be a place that would be amazing to see using a bicycle and it is a very bicycle friendly place because there are numerous amounts of people who use bikes for transportation. Most of the time it would be a flat surface you would be biking on but then there are occasional ups and downs. The air in Japan is relatively cleaner than other Asian countries because it is not too populated and the citizens take care of their environment and care for it. There are cycling lanes to guide you and the people are very friendly. It is nice to bike around parks and see the different building while biking. The Japanese culture is a very interesting one and the architecture of their building and homes are unusually nice. No matter where you will stop, you’ll meet the most respectable people because that is very important in their culture. Another fun thing about Japan is that for example in Tokyo, there are bike rentals that are very affordable. You can do this with a girlfriend or boyfriend or even one as a family.

I myself know a family that went cycling in the towns of japan and they had an unforgettable time, not to mention, a very good family experience which was one for the books. Not only do you get to see beautiful places, bond together as couple or family but at the same time, you don’t realize that you are also exercising. It does not stop there because you end up saving money for gas or a cab which you could have used for many other things like clothes or food. I already feel like just going to japan and renting a bike already. This is definitely something I would put in my planner of future activities. Biking also relaxes your mind because you are just enjoying the whole time but at the same time stimulates you when you need to be alert of your surroundings. People of all ages enjoy cycling and if you don’t know how to ride a bike, its time you learned.

Hiking Mt. Takao

Many tourists love to hike mount Takao because it is so beautiful. There are diverse species of plants, animals, and many other things. You will be able to see a lot of nice flowers and creatures living together in a calm habitat. You could even see religious Buddhists at times. This is a sacred mountain to the Japanese because there is a temple called Yakuo-in located here. At times, comfort women go to these sacred people to seek advice and wisdom. Anyone can do it from families to couples. People get scared to try hiking because they believe that you need a lot of training and conditioning to be able to do outdoor activities like these but it’s all about the pacing. Yes, you must live a healthy lifestyle because it will be a long hike, but if you put your mind to it, anything can be achieved. The mountain is amazing at any season and is always a different experience.

All of which are most likely to be good experiences and unforgettable memories. There is even a possible fire walking at march so keep your eyes out for that and start putting it on your planner or next activity you will surely try when you go to Japan. It is not only hiking you will experience but there is also a waterfalls which people say cleanses you. The view from this mountain is remarkable because you can see mount Fuji and so much more. The experience is just so serene. Sometimes, people say that when they need to think about something deeply or soul search, they go to this place and just relax while enjoying the fresh breeze and view. There are other people who are a little more adventurous. These people or couples usually camp out so they can see the most magnificent view of the stars from this mountain because this summit has so much to offer. You can also set up a camp fire just like the movies and share with each other stories while having a smore or two. Like is just so much more beautiful when we just take the time sometimes to appreciate it.

Jogging Around the Emperial Palace

Jogging is known to be one of the best cardio exercises out there and very effective for living a healthy lifestyle and keeping yourself fit. If you regularly jog and have a healthy diet then I’m sure in no time you will feel your stamina getting better and your endurance to last longer. Jogging on a treadmill in my opinion is very boring because you do not have a destination; you just keep running and running until you get tired. There are some people out there though like me that easily get bored and not even the treadmill with the television can keep my eyes busy because it is hard to concentrate. You are trying not to fall down and you are trying to push yourself to your limits to lose those calories you ate the night before. I honestly prefer jogging in different places like the park and one beautiful place to jog in Tokyo, Japan is in around the imperial palace because it has such a nice scenery while you are running and the surroundings are always changing. You will also see people jogging along with you in the morning or at night.

I prefer the morning though because the weather is just perfect. It can get really cold at night and that is something you should take into account when choosing where and what time to jog. At night is a different experience because you see all the lights turned on, it just brightens your mood. Jogging I believe should be a habit of people because it is so good for the lifestyle of anyone and will make you live loner for sure. There is also this feeling where when you workout constantly that you get more energetic and less sleepy. In doing so, you will be more productive. Jogging in the morning will force you to wake up and after you would have no choice but to start your day, which would start very well because I do not think I’ll ever get tired of jogging in the first place or the imperial palace in Japan which is just spectacular.