Baseball, a Popular Sport in Japan

You would think that baseball would be only popular in America and why would it appeal to the Asian people, but then apparently, the Japanese love this sport and they are very good at it. Japanese baseball players are one of the best players there are and ever recorded out there. This is probably because the Japanese are very disciplined, respectful, and know what they want once they put their minds to it. Japanese have always been really good in sports and many originated from there. We have always seen the Japanese people be unbelievably fast in the different sports. These Japanese people are even getting better than the Americans at times, so they better watch their backs. I’ve seen a Japanese pitch a fast ball once I barely saw it because of how fast it was going. I thought my mind was playing tricks on me, but then it happened again and again. I could just imagine how hard that would hurt if that fast ball hit me and how could it even be possible for someone to pitch that fast.

In Japan, they have two professional leagues, the Pacific and the Central which are both composed of six teams each. Tickets are usually bought at the ballpark for a very affordable price and don’t usually run out as fast considering the popularity of the sport over there. If there are major leagues then there are minor leagues as well. Japanese also train very young to get as good as they are when they grow older. This sport is played in Japanese schools and there are lots of scouts out there always looking for new players even in Japan. There are times where they are drafted and have to go away from home to train. Though it is hard, these Japanese drafted players find it more than worth it and would gladly do it because not only are they enjoying what they are doing, but they are also making their families and country very proud. Honor is a very big matter to the Japanese and more so, respect; which they show to everyone they are around.