Beach Volleyball in Japan

Who does not like beach volleyball? Men and women love it. We usually see women play the sport more than men but it definitely does not make you less of a man if you play volleyball especially not in Japan. In japan, all from kids to adults enjoys it at any given time. You would see families playing and even close friends who went out on a beach trip together. It really is a game that involves a lot of teamwork and I salute the person that invented it. Beach volleyball is a sport that is so easy to learn aside from it being really fun. It is popular around the world and in almost all beaches; it is a must to have a volleyball net on the beach. Sometimes, volleyball hurts the arms though because of the impact of the ball and hitting it many times. Some things guys love is just watching women playing volleyball and enjoying. You can see how powerful women can be in sports when they are playing volleyball. The volleyball players can really jump high and when they spike that ball, you definitely do not want to get in the way or be caught in the crossfire. They are also so serious when they are playing and the volleyball matches get very intense that is why people enjoy watching it. It also amazing how players get to dive and still be able to return the ball to the other side or just how good their teamwork is where they read each other’s minds and just go for the play. Have you ever played volleyball with your friends in the beach? If you have not, I recommend you go on the phone and encourage them to try it because it is going to be really fun. You do not have to be in japan to do it but people there enjoy it. If your friends are not game then you can just go to the beach and just ask to join in games of other people since there are many friendly people out there especially in japan.