Canoeing the Rivers of Japan

Canoeing is a very fun and could be very relaxing at times. River rafting is the one that is more daring because you have maneuver yourself and work as a team to be able to go through the rapids. Imagine all the strong current of the water and you just trying to get through with an adrenaline rush if you are going to fall or not, or maybe even get hurt. That is why it is such an achievement when you get to complete the river rafting challenge. There are many of these in japan but we are focusing more on is canoeing which is a very chill and relaxing sport done by the friends, families, or couples. But when you do go canoeing, make sure to put sun block because that is what I forgot to do and got a really dark t-shirt tn afterwards. A canoe ride is something everybody should try because not only are you journeying across the calm water and seeing different aquatic creatures but the view is spectacular. Japanese rivers go through forests that are very well preserved, hence why tourism is high there. If you want a nice nature trip where you want to just appreciate all the beautiful trees and birds, this would be perfect for you. The nice thing about canoeing is you can control the boat and make it go slower when you want. When you are tired, you can also just stop paddling and make the calming current take you. No trip to japan would be complete without seeing their rainforest. They have a very diverse set of tress and flowers that can only really be found there. All different colors and sometimes when you are on the canoe by day, there is a chance you can see a full rainbow. I am telling you now that whoever you do this with, you will have an unforgettable experience with that person or people. I will never forget each canoe ride I had because the experience was always different each time. So the first thing you do when you go to japan is to make sure you try canoeing because it is better if it is planned.