It might be the first time you hear of canyoning because there was a time I did and I was shocked, I thought I was reading kayaking spelled wrongly. Apparently, canyoning is a river activity where people slide down the canyon through the running stream and falls and finally end up in the waterfall basin. Some people think of it as a sport and they get very competitive with their friends and family members by timing themselves. As a child everyone enjoyed the slides in the park and most especially those slides in the pools. Yet every little kids dream is for their parents to bring them to a wake park where they can try out all the insane slides which even the adults enjoy. Canyoning is a different experience though because it isn’t man made completely. It is one slide where you end up seeing such beautiful nature while going down the slide and the water that is pushing you down is just so natural and clean because it just keeps flowing. To do this exciting adventure you will need to wear the proper gear.

You will be provided with a head gear and a life vest which will keep you protected from any accidents that may occur or from scratching yourself and getting a bruise. There have not been much cases at all of people getting injured while doing this because they all listen carefully to the guide and they don’t try to do anything foolish like slide backwards or anything like that. It is honestly amazing how people can come up with this like this to have fun and enjoy, it really is very brilliant. I could never imagine in my wildest dreams that something like this would ever be invented or introduced to us. I honestly wonder what else they could come up with. The rush you get when you ride those falls or river is something else and the adrenaline just pumps then you suddenly reach the calm water in the bottom and fall in it safely cause it is not shallow at all and it is just so clean.