Climbing Mountains


Have you ever heard of a kid climb the biggest mountains in the world? Even adults can’t do that

but there is one daredevil who can and she is Japanese. A 13-year-old girl may have made climbing

history by ascending what could be the most difficult route ever completed by a female. Ashima

Shiraishi ascended the famously tough Open Your Mind Direct route in Santa Linya, Spain, last week.

reports. She traveled there over spring break with her father and a photographer family friend. She says

she was surprised by how quickly she scaled the route after days of practice and planning. It is very

tough and needs a lot of training, on top of that, you get hurt on your hands but she says it’s fulfilling.

Still, there’s some ambiguity about the difficulty of the climb Ashima scaled. American climbers rate

routes according to the Free Climbing Yosemite Decimal System, which ranks climbs from 5.0 to 5.15.

The 5.15 category contains even more subcategories, marked by letters. The climbers who tackle

these insanely difficult routes reach a consensus on whether a route is a 5.15a, b or c. Climbing blogs

and websites note the Open Your Mind Direct route that Ashima scaled has become harder since a key

hold broke off. It hadn’t been climbed since then, so the climbing community hasn’t reached a

consensus on the rating of 5.15a. Either way, it’s an amazing achievement. After all, Ashima is the

youngest person ever to climb the route and perhaps the first female to complete a 5.15a climb.

Ashima, who can be found on instagram posted pictures of this huge accomplishment. Her sponsors

were very proud and impressed at her achievement. Ashima’s focus and can-do approach, at such a

young age, is an inspiration to everyone. Ashima grew up in New York City and trains at the Brooklyn

Boulders indoor climbing gym. The daughter of Japanese immigrants, she first began climbing at age 6,

clambering up boulders in Central Park. She says that she think that now it’s not always the guys that are

pushing the limits; it’s also girls who are strong and focused and inspired to climb,” she said with a shy

smile. This girl or should I say woman is so mature for her age and so inspirational honestly. The

Japanese people are so beautiful.

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