Cycling the interesting streets of Japan

People say that Tokyo may be a place that would be amazing to see using a bicycle and it is a very bicycle friendly place because there are numerous amounts of people who use bikes for transportation. Most of the time it would be a flat surface you would be biking on but then there are occasional ups and downs. The air in Japan is relatively cleaner than other Asian countries because it is not too populated and the citizens take care of their environment and care for it. There are cycling lanes to guide you and the people are very friendly. It is nice to bike around parks and see the different building while biking. The Japanese culture is a very interesting one and the architecture of their building and homes are unusually nice. No matter where you will stop, you’ll meet the most respectable people because that is very important in their culture. Another fun thing about Japan is that for example in Tokyo, there are bike rentals that are very affordable. You can do this with a girlfriend or boyfriend or even one as a family.

I myself know a family that went cycling in the towns of japan and they had an unforgettable time, not to mention, a very good family experience which was one for the books. Not only do you get to see beautiful places, bond together as couple or family but at the same time, you don’t realize that you are also exercising. It does not stop there because you end up saving money for gas or a cab which you could have used for many other things like clothes or food. I already feel like just going to japan and renting a bike already. This is definitely something I would put in my planner of future activities. Biking also relaxes your mind because you are just enjoying the whole time but at the same time stimulates you when you need to be alert of your surroundings. People of all ages enjoy cycling and if you don’t know how to ride a bike, its time you learned.