Ekiden is what they call their marathon relay in Japan. It started around 1917 and was a run which lasted for three days. Using our legs and feet for sports is so common in all sports butt hen a relay and running really tests your endurance and how fast you can go. Running is thebest cardio and makes you lose weight the fastest. With that said, you should always hydratew hen doing these relay competitions. This race is done on the road and they close down the roads needed when there is a competition. In this sport, we can say that there are people in station and when they guy who has the stick passes it, the other guy can run as well or touche shim in the station, until you reach the long awaited finish line. Usually, it is a distance of five hundred eight kilometers that is run, that’s why it is done for three days. This sport is very popular in Japan because they like running and exercising. Japanese are always on the go if you visit their cities,  just  like New York. They even influenced other countries to make more races like these.

Now they are becoming very popular around the world and everyone is getting into it.  Running  is already a way of  life and a lifestyle to keep you healthy. A fifteen minute jog a day could honestly make you more energetic and make you burn those unnecessary calories. People go jogging at any time of the day, but mostly in the morning or night time. The breeze in these times of the day is so good that it makes running a lot more pleasurable. It is really amazing this marathon they have made that lasts for days. Even if you don’t win, it feels like such an achievement and you feel like you are a part of something bigger. A lot of teamwork is involved in this and while you are running you would think of pushing yourself to the limits you never imagined you could before, just so you can show your teammates you gave it your all.