Hiking Mt. Takao

Many tourists love to hike mount Takao because it is so beautiful. There are diverse species of plants, animals, and many other things. You will be able to see a lot of nice flowers and creatures living together in a calm habitat. You could even see religious Buddhists at times. This is a sacred mountain to the Japanese because there is a temple called Yakuo-in located here. At times, comfort women go to these sacred people to seek advice and wisdom. Anyone can do it from families to couples. People get scared to try hiking because they believe that you need a lot of training and conditioning to be able to do outdoor activities like these but it’s all about the pacing. Yes, you must live a healthy lifestyle because it will be a long hike, but if you put your mind to it, anything can be achieved. The mountain is amazing at any season and is always a different experience.

All of which are most likely to be good experiences and unforgettable memories. There is even a possible fire walking at march so keep your eyes out for that and start putting it on your planner or next activity you will surely try when you go to Japan. It is not only hiking you will experience but there is also a waterfalls which people say cleanses you. The view from this mountain is remarkable because you can see mount Fuji and so much more. The experience is just so serene. Sometimes, people say that when they need to think about something deeply or soul search, they go to this place and just relax while enjoying the fresh breeze and view. There are other people who are a little more adventurous. These people or couples usually camp out so they can see the most magnificent view of the stars from this mountain because this summit has so much to offer. You can also set up a camp fire just like the movies and share with each other stories while having a smore or two. Like is just so much more beautiful when we just take the time sometimes to appreciate it.