Jogging Around the Emperial Palace

Jogging is known to be one of the best cardio exercises out there and very effective for living a healthy lifestyle and keeping yourself fit. If you regularly jog and have a healthy diet then I’m sure in no time you will feel your stamina getting better and your endurance to last longer. Jogging on a treadmill in my opinion is very boring because you do not have a destination; you just keep running and running until you get tired. There are some people out there though like me that easily get bored and not even the treadmill with the television can keep my eyes busy because it is hard to concentrate. You are trying not to fall down and you are trying to push yourself to your limits to lose those calories you ate the night before. I honestly prefer jogging in different places like the park and one beautiful place to jog in Tokyo, Japan is in around the imperial palace because it has such a nice scenery while you are running and the surroundings are always changing. You will also see people jogging along with you in the morning or at night.

I prefer the morning though because the weather is just perfect. It can get really cold at night and that is something you should take into account when choosing where and what time to jog. At night is a different experience because you see all the lights turned on, it just brightens your mood. Jogging I believe should be a habit of people because it is so good for the lifestyle of anyone and will make you live loner for sure. There is also this feeling where when you workout constantly that you get more energetic and less sleepy. In doing so, you will be more productive. Jogging in the morning will force you to wake up and after you would have no choice but to start your day, which would start very well because I do not think I’ll ever get tired of jogging in the first place or the imperial palace in Japan which is just spectacular.