Judo: The Art of Grappling

I remember in college, my individual physical fitness class was judo to my surprise. I was unaware this could even be a physical fitness class. So I entered the class not knowing and suddenly my professor for that class was a judo master and he was already briefing us on judo. I did not know whether to drop the subject or not because it might be very challenging and I might get hurt. In this class there were also women and they as well were going to do judo with other girls. I told myself to accept the challenge and if I did get hurt which was highly possible, I would just be exempted from the class the whole term so it was a win win situation I guess. Little did I know that this was going to be a crazy roller coaster ride. We were told to buy judo gees because this would make the grappling easier instead of a normal t-shirt and this is really the uniform for the sport. So then and there when I wore it to class, I already felt like a judo player, but there is so much more to it than looking cool in the outfit. We started the class with a prayer and having to bow to the Japanese guy who created the game as a sign of respect. I found it odd but that is how it is in japan. To start of the training, our professor made us run back and forth for warm up and do cartwheels and tumble until the end forward and backward. It was more intense than I even imagine and to think, that was just warm up, what was in store after? After we started learning grappling techniques, well the easy ones first, then we learned how to fall properly. Because if you are grappled and thrown, you should land a certain way so you will not get hurt. They call it break fall. Judo is very popular in japan and it definitely is a journey to go through. I would recommend anyone to give it a try.