Karate: The Black Belter

Everyone dreams to be a black belter in karate so you can always keep you and your loved ones protected. Aside from that they want it for the fame and to be the toughest guy on the block. One person that has inspired us all when it comes to karate is Bruce Lee. He was just the epitome of what everyone wanted to be. The ultimate action star that everyone looks up to everyday is Bruce Lee. People want to be him from kids until adults. If you were a black belter, you would be the coolest kid or coolest dad. Usually in school or in work the toughest one is the coolest one and people want to be friends with that person for protection. Imagine if Bruce Lee was your friend? Everyone would want to be your friend as well. It would be so cool to watch and still is what people can do in karate and it is so amazing because it really make you wonder how come they do not get hurt? Or maybe they are just holding in the pain just to show off. It is also possible that they have done it so many times that they are numb to it. For example, have you ever tried breaking a piece of wood with your hand? Bruce Lee can do it with a half an inch punch. I cannot even do it even if I used all my force. So how do they suddenly have super strength? They say that karate is not only power and conditioning it has to also do with the mind. I used to think that was complete nonsense because how can people control their mind and Japanese people seemed so good at it. But after seeing karate in real life, I saw how these people were so set on what they do and serious about this. No wonder they get to do the impossible. There is a saying that when you put your mind to it, you can achieve it. Now, I know that is not nonsense but makes all the sense in the world. Karate is one fine art and sport in Japan that should get more popular.