Kendo: Japanese Fencing

Have any of you ever heard of Kendo? It has a very catchy name and you would be surprised what it is when I tell you. It is what they call fencing in Japan. They call it this because when translate this Japanese word into English, it mean the way of the sword. I would not have found a more perfect name. Kendo is not as famous as other sports in japan but it sure as hell still has a lot of fans and the chivalry of the sword is not yet gone. If you have always dreamed in engaging in sword fight but obviously did not want to die, then there is no better sport for you out there than this. When you are a beginner, you will start of with a bamboo type weapon, which in japan is called a shinai. You will practice the techniques and try to master fencing with a bamboo until you are ready to use a real sword. This sword for fencing is called a katana blade. Sounds pretty intimidating, but if you know all the techniques and you have a swift hand, you would not have a problem at all. In fencing, it is not all about trying to hit the person with the sword it is also about how to keep your guard so you would not get stung. In this game, every opponent is just looking for the right opportunity. You should always be careful because every kendo player always has something up his or her sleeves. They might try to imitate and take you for a ride then just suddenly sting you and get point. You have to be smart in this game aside from being fast. You should see how your opponent moves and always have the right timing. One wrong move and you are done. This game is for everyone and practice can help you be as good as everyone else. Have you ever tried this? I would recommend you do when you go to japan, even just the bamboo one because you might be surprised to find it very enjoyable, especially if you are against someone you know.