Shower climbing in Japan

For the adventure seekers out there, shower climbing would be amazing in the summer for you. I’m sure it is the first time you would probably be hearing about this but I promise you, it is very interesting. From the name, you would know already that this has something to do with rock climbing and flowing water just like a shower. This is another kind of rock climbing for sure because you have the hardship of climbing the mountain but imagine water flowing on you while you are doing so. I’m sure you are wondering won’t I be washed out by the current? The current is not strong enough to do that and they choose a path that has already been taken and safe for the people that want to try this. They also ensure that before you embark on this journey that the current would not be strong or it would be unfit to do shower climbing for that day. You will also be given rock climbing gear and ropes for protecting that will guide you in case anything might go wrong which makes it safe because no matter what happens you will be hanging on a rope.

I would suggest that whoever tries this would try normal rock climbing to get the hang of it first a few times because many assume that rock climbing is easy but it takes a lot of core muscle, grip, and endurance to stay on. Always make sure to use the right gear like a helmet so your adventure won’t be a bad one but one that you can remember forever with whomever you are sharing this experience with. Succeeding in completing this hike would be such an achievement to anyone who does it. Who can say that they climbed a route in the mountain while they were being showered with a current but they never chose to give and finished it? This is definitely one for the books and something you can tell to your kids and grandchildren. I advice anyone to go out there and take this challenge not just to prove something to yourself but to be able to try something new and unusual.