Do you want to know how soccer started in Japan? Is it not so odd that this sport did not originate in Asia but then the Japanese are so good in the sport? When we think of soccer Brazil comes into mind cause many kids love to play soccer there and sometimes those less fortunate ones are the ones that get really good and make it big. Soccer has been something that has gotten really popular in Japan and there is no stopping how popular it gets. Time and time, people fall more in love with it, especially when it’s the fifa season and everyone follows it like basketball since the cup only happens once in four years. People love watching it in bars while having a beer and go crazy when a team goals that they want to win. This is also the culture in England, so It would not come as a surprise that it was an Englishman who brought Soccer to Japan in 1873. His name was Lieutenant Commander Douglas of the Royal Navy. When he started it off it was not too famous yet, not until there was a league because its always fun and healthy to compete and you can have bragging right and not to mention the popularity it comes with. Everyone loves soccer players, especially women. They find that very attractive about a man not to mention you can make so much money by playing soccer in the big leagues. In Japan, the first league that kicked off soccer in the country was the J-League. This league was launched in 1993 and the popularity of soccer in japan just insanely grew since then and now people play it as often as other sports there. Despite their culture, soccer seems like a universal sport enjoyed by all. In the 2002 world cup, Japan and Korea hosted jointly and now the fans from there are insane about the sport. It is a really good feeling to cheer for your team and support them all the way in hopes that they might be champions and prove that even Asians can be as good in the sport of soccer.