The Japanese Golfing Experience

Golf is not a sport you see everyone do everyday yet it is very enjoyable and relaxing. It is a very respectable sport and it is always best to start practicing this sport while you are young because it takes a lot of skill. Imagine being so far away and having to hit a ball precisely to shoot in hole that is just twice the size of the ball. There are different ranges for these holes and I am sure it is the best feeling in the world to get a hole in one because the probability of that is quite low when you do the math. Some people like Tiger Woods were born to play the sport and have a lot of hole in ones in their career. There are different kinds of golf clubs for different ranges you want to reach. When you play golf, there is also a certain attire that golfers wear and shoes. It is a very sleek attire and perfect for the sports weather. In Japan, there are a lot of good golfing ranges and golf courses that people would always be very honored to play in and enjoy. If you go to Japan, you should definitely try to play golf there or get beginners classes before heading to japan for vacation because it is going to be one fun adventure. Golfing is popular in japan because in the opinion of the Japanese it is good practice for respect and discipline. You also make a lot of friends and good connections for business in golfing because it is a sport enjoyed by the people that could afford it. Japan being a rich country that just keep growing in terms economically. In golf tournaments, there are very big cash prizes, which make up for how much you spend if you have the skill and are hardworking enough. There are Japanese open golf tours and many more, but you just need to qualify and show you have what it takes. Golf is not only a sport but an art and game where you need to strategize but can be fun at the same time. This is also certainly a better past time than spending all of their time and energy in US comfort women and booze.



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