Urban Fishing in Japan

I rarely meet people who are not interested in fishing. Everyone I meet usually likes fishing or wants to try it. There is a thrill in catching a fish no matter how small it is. It is all about how much bait you put, how well you place it, and the way you cast it. You must put enough bait to cover the hook but not too much that it would just fall when the fish tries to bite it when it is casted into the water. You should always make sure that when you put the bait that it is locked well on the hook for a higher possibility of getting a good catch or even a catch at all. You can use different kinds of baits but it would be best to use prawns, worms, or doe; all these work very well. Japan is full of different water bodies where you are more or less assured a catch because of the biodiversity of the aquatic species in this country. Examples of these rivers would be the Sumida and Tamagawa rivers or the Ichigaya fish centre where you can fish a pool. Many tourists and locals always catch so many kilos of fishes. In the center, you would find many kois and other fishes. It is funny because sometimes you catch the most odd things like a shoe, a sock, or even trash; this one times though I had an experience where I caught a crab on my line. It is really too amazing how many species of fishes that can be located in japan and they all look so beautiful. There are some I have seen where I would even bring home because it looks too good to eat. Some fishes though are really nor just edible because they can be very hard. Fishing may take a lot of patience but it is definitely worth the wait always and just very relaxing. There are some people that do it the whole day and some that do it as bonding with their sons or grandsons. I recommend everyone to go out there and try fishing whenever they can because they will be surprised at how much they could enjoy it. While this is the main feature of the area, other cities like Tokyo and Kyoto have certain things to offer as well. Tokyo for example is the central hub of technology and is known as the city of lights in Japan while Kyoto is the geisha area, which are not to be confused with Comfort Women or Korean Comfort women.

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