Jogging Around the Emperial Palace

Jogging is known to be one of the best cardio exercises out there and very effective for living a healthy lifestyle and keeping yourself fit. If you regularly jog and have a healthy diet then I’m sure in no time you will feel your stamina getting better and your endurance to last longer. Jogging on a treadmill in my opinion is very boring because you do not have a destination; you just keep running and running until you get tired. There are some people out there though like me that easily get bored and not even the treadmill with the television can keep my eyes busy because it is hard to concentrate. You are trying not to fall down and you are trying to push yourself to your limits to lose those calories you ate the night before. I honestly prefer jogging in different places like the park and one beautiful place to jog in Tokyo, Japan is in around the imperial palace because it has such a nice scenery while you are running and the surroundings are always changing. You will also see people jogging along with you in the morning or at night.

I prefer the morning though because the weather is just perfect. It can get really cold at night and that is something you should take into account when choosing where and what time to jog. At night is a different experience because you see all the lights turned on, it just brightens your mood. Jogging I believe should be a habit of people because it is so good for the lifestyle of anyone and will make you live loner for sure. There is also this feeling where when you workout constantly that you get more energetic and less sleepy. In doing so, you will be more productive. Jogging in the morning will force you to wake up and after you would have no choice but to start your day, which would start very well because I do not think I’ll ever get tired of jogging in the first place or the imperial palace in Japan which is just spectacular.


Kyudo is what they call archery in Japan. Kyudo in English means the way of the bow. You would be surprised what you can do with a bow and how powerful it can be. The bow and arrow is very stealthy and quiet when shot compared to other weapons triggered. Tribes in the mountains use this and sometimes put poison on the tip when they have an enemy that is in the premise. In archery, you need accuracy and precision when shooting the arrow. There are many kinds of bows but the popular ones are the long bow and short bow. Sometimes bows are made of metal or wood and people get very creative with their bows and even customize it to their preference.

In this age we live in now, it is considered a sport when you shoot a circular target. You would actually think if what we see in movies is really true where a guy can shoot an arrow using a bow that hits only an apple on top of a person’s head. I can assure you this is true. The Japanese people are so good in the sport of archery, maybe even one of the best. Not most people like to engage in sports when it comes to archery because what is important is what they can prove to themselves as a person.

It is also an art. Archery isn’t all about the physical factors but you also have to train yourself morally and spiritually. It is a way of life and people aim to achieve a good accuracy and precision. You can gain a lot of respect even just being an archer in Japan because it is definitely not as easy as it looks. People train for this for years because this entails a lot of skill and hard work to become an amazing marksman. You would be surprised because even women are really good at archery and sometimes they are even better than men. With all that said, even I would get into archery because it chooses no person; you just need the passion and determination to achieve what you set your mind to.

Hiking Mount Koya

One of the easiest, most affordable and self-invigorating outdoor activities is to simply go an explore nature by foot – hiking to be precise. Japan is a place with nature like no other, all different kinds of landscapes to explore and enjoy – and many mountains and trails to hike.

As mentioned, there is much to choose from when it comes to hiking – one can choose to go for a purely natural route and for instance see sights such as Mount Fuji or any of the other mountains that are classified as most famous ones across Japan. Mount Koya, or affectionately Koya-San by locals, can be considered to be a contender for being on the list of special places one must visit when in Japan.

It has special religious meaning as the Shingon Buddhists, an old Buddhist sect, considers it to be its religious center. The sect has roots all the way back to the year 805 and was founded by one of the most significant figures in Japanese religion, Kobo Daishi. He is one of the few people on this planet who has a mausoleum dedicated to him and it can be visited here, at the Mount Koya.

The area of Koya-san is littered with temples almost, with many stone roads winding through the buddist area. It is a wonderful experience to hike the streets of mountain’s valley and take in the sights of religious power – all the temples in the area are in some form dedicated to Shingon Buddhism and represent an important part of Japanese history and culture.

The most important temple to see in the area is the Kongobuji – the head temple of the sect alongside the mausoleum.

Another fun thing to do is to spend a night here, sleeping in one of the temple’s lodgings after wandering around for the day. Here one can truly experience what kind of lifestyles a monk used to live, including their food and watching their prayers. There are well over three dozen established temples in the area will take in visitors for a small fee, an d those courageous enough to tackle a pilgrimage will stay for free.

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