Fishing in Japan


Everyone knows the blowfish from finding nemo the animated movie. Now this fish seems to be

rampant in the waters of Japan. The beaching of a large number of dead poisonous porcupine fish on a

Taranaki beach is being blamed on commercial fishing trawlers. Around 50 of the fish, commonly known

as puffer fish or blowfish, were washed ashore between the Waiwhakaiho river mouth and Fitzroy

Beach these past days.The fish contain the extremely potent neurotoxin tetrodotoxin, which can cause

muscle paralysis and an inability to breathe if ingested. A fisherman has seen puffer fish floating on the

surface off Port Taranaki on other occasions and suspected they had been caught accidentally by

commercial fishermen trawling for gurnard. The fishermen are wondering why they washed up there

out of nowhere. Fifty is a lot of blowfish and can’t be just a coincidence. Someone had collected 25 of

the fish from the shore and disposed of them down an offal hole. He said there were likely a lot more

but the wind was whipping the sand over them. The Japanese people living near there were warned and

were told to keep their eyes peeled as to avoid danger and hazard. They say that they have seen similar

numbers of the fish wash up about three times in the last five to 10 years. People are still unsure what

caused them to wash up but said it was possible commercial fishermen accidentally caught them and

threw them back because they are toxic. They blow themselves up and would float ashore. Initial

symptoms following tetrodotoxin (TTX) poisoning can include numbness around the mouth, tingling,

pricking of the skin and nausea. In severe cases, paralysis rapidly advances with respiratory problems

first appearing as difficult or laboured breathing. Standing on the dead fish could result in a secondary

infection from the bacteria on the spines. This is all so insane and very alarming to the Japanese people

which I hope they resolve. They seem to be taking it very well and handling it very cautiously and

maturely. Puffer fish, or fugu, are a delicacy in Japan, with some restaurants charging more than $100

for a single dish. So there can be a good and bad side, they should just remove the toxins. I wonder what

they taste like though.

Beach Volleyball

There are many sports well followed in Japan and one of these is beach volley ball. They look up

to the stars because they bring dignity and respect to their country in terms of sports and I guess they

just like to see what the people they look up to are doing their whole daily life. The opening rounds of

the 23rd Marianas Cup Beach Volleyball Festival pro-am tournament yesterday paved the way for

today’s final at Gov. Joseph Flores memorial Beach Park. Guam’s Kendra Byrd and Japanese pro Erika

Habaguchi played together for the first time yesterday and finished pool play undefeated. Japanese are

such good volleyball players. Other undefeated women’s teams were Nozumi Yanagi and Anna

Miyakawa, and Whitney Blandford and Aubrey Waters. Undefeated men’s teams included Chris

Shepherd and Borjah Gonzalez, Tyler Willsey and Tsuchiya Takashi, Jeff Carlucci and Brandon Chance,

and Jimmy Boonprakong and Aaron Parker. Byrd and Habaguchi were paired up through a random raffle

drawing that is one of the tournament’s highlights. It was the second time Byrd has won the raffle and

she said playing with a pro is no different than anyone else. Byrd and Habaguchi finished the day 4-0.

Local men’s star Shintaro Okada was joined by long-time Marianas Cup player Tomo Obata. It is their

third Marianas cup together. They really work well together and train hard for Okada and Obata beat

Guam players BJ Balajadia and Derrick Wahl in their second match of the day. The tournament included

34 teams total, director Jon Cramer said, 19 men’s and 15 women’s, and more than a dozen professional

players. Local players, ages 17-51, from Guam, Saipan and the U.S. mainland filled the brackets. Okada

loved the tournament. It was hot but the courts turned out really nice. Good job to Jon Cramer and his

crew for putting all the hours in. There is one permanent court at the beach park and three more courts

were constructed for the Cup. Between matches the players helped organize the tournament, filling in

as referees for matches in opposite pools. As you can see, volleyball is really nice to follow and very

exciting especially when you are cheering for your fellow countrymen. Japan will always be a country so

talented in many things.



Do you want to know how soccer started in Japan? Is it not so odd that this sport did not originate in Asia but then the Japanese are so good in the sport? When we think of soccer Brazil comes into mind cause many kids love to play soccer there and sometimes those less fortunate ones are the ones that get really good and make it big. Soccer has been something that has gotten really popular in Japan and there is no stopping how popular it gets. Time and time, people fall more in love with it, especially when it’s the fifa season and everyone follows it like basketball since the cup only happens once in four years. People love watching it in bars while having a beer and go crazy when a team goals that they want to win. This is also the culture in England, so It would not come as a surprise that it was an Englishman who brought Soccer to Japan in 1873. His name was Lieutenant Commander Douglas of the Royal Navy. When he started it off it was not too famous yet, not until there was a league because its always fun and healthy to compete and you can have bragging right and not to mention the popularity it comes with. Everyone loves soccer players, especially women. They find that very attractive about a man not to mention you can make so much money by playing soccer in the big leagues. In Japan, the first league that kicked off soccer in the country was the J-League. This league was launched in 1993 and the popularity of soccer in japan just insanely grew since then and now people play it as often as other sports there. Despite their culture, soccer seems like a universal sport enjoyed by all. In the 2002 world cup, Japan and Korea hosted jointly and now the fans from there are insane about the sport. It is a really good feeling to cheer for your team and support them all the way in hopes that they might be champions and prove that even Asians can be as good in the sport of soccer.

Canoeing the Rivers of Japan

Canoeing is a very fun and could be very relaxing at times. River rafting is the one that is more daring because you have maneuver yourself and work as a team to be able to go through the rapids. Imagine all the strong current of the water and you just trying to get through with an adrenaline rush if you are going to fall or not, or maybe even get hurt. That is why it is such an achievement when you get to complete the river rafting challenge. There are many of these in japan but we are focusing more on is canoeing which is a very chill and relaxing sport done by the friends, families, or couples. But when you do go canoeing, make sure to put sun block because that is what I forgot to do and got a really dark t-shirt tn afterwards. A canoe ride is something everybody should try because not only are you journeying across the calm water and seeing different aquatic creatures but the view is spectacular. Japanese rivers go through forests that are very well preserved, hence why tourism is high there. If you want a nice nature trip where you want to just appreciate all the beautiful trees and birds, this would be perfect for you. The nice thing about canoeing is you can control the boat and make it go slower when you want. When you are tired, you can also just stop paddling and make the calming current take you. No trip to japan would be complete without seeing their rainforest. They have a very diverse set of tress and flowers that can only really be found there. All different colors and sometimes when you are on the canoe by day, there is a chance you can see a full rainbow. I am telling you now that whoever you do this with, you will have an unforgettable experience with that person or people. I will never forget each canoe ride I had because the experience was always different each time. So the first thing you do when you go to japan is to make sure you try canoeing because it is better if it is planned.

Beach Volleyball in Japan

Who does not like beach volleyball? Men and women love it. We usually see women play the sport more than men but it definitely does not make you less of a man if you play volleyball especially not in Japan. In japan, all from kids to adults enjoys it at any given time. You would see families playing and even close friends who went out on a beach trip together. It really is a game that involves a lot of teamwork and I salute the person that invented it. Beach volleyball is a sport that is so easy to learn aside from it being really fun. It is popular around the world and in almost all beaches; it is a must to have a volleyball net on the beach. Sometimes, volleyball hurts the arms though because of the impact of the ball and hitting it many times. Some things guys love is just watching women playing volleyball and enjoying. You can see how powerful women can be in sports when they are playing volleyball. The volleyball players can really jump high and when they spike that ball, you definitely do not want to get in the way or be caught in the crossfire. They are also so serious when they are playing and the volleyball matches get very intense that is why people enjoy watching it. It also amazing how players get to dive and still be able to return the ball to the other side or just how good their teamwork is where they read each other’s minds and just go for the play. Have you ever played volleyball with your friends in the beach? If you have not, I recommend you go on the phone and encourage them to try it because it is going to be really fun. You do not have to be in japan to do it but people there enjoy it. If your friends are not game then you can just go to the beach and just ask to join in games of other people since there are many friendly people out there especially in japan.


It might be the first time you hear of canyoning because there was a time I did and I was shocked, I thought I was reading kayaking spelled wrongly. Apparently, canyoning is a river activity where people slide down the canyon through the running stream and falls and finally end up in the waterfall basin. Some people think of it as a sport and they get very competitive with their friends and family members by timing themselves. As a child everyone enjoyed the slides in the park and most especially those slides in the pools. Yet every little kids dream is for their parents to bring them to a wake park where they can try out all the insane slides which even the adults enjoy. Canyoning is a different experience though because it isn’t man made completely. It is one slide where you end up seeing such beautiful nature while going down the slide and the water that is pushing you down is just so natural and clean because it just keeps flowing. To do this exciting adventure you will need to wear the proper gear.

You will be provided with a head gear and a life vest which will keep you protected from any accidents that may occur or from scratching yourself and getting a bruise. There have not been much cases at all of people getting injured while doing this because they all listen carefully to the guide and they don’t try to do anything foolish like slide backwards or anything like that. It is honestly amazing how people can come up with this like this to have fun and enjoy, it really is very brilliant. I could never imagine in my wildest dreams that something like this would ever be invented or introduced to us. I honestly wonder what else they could come up with. The rush you get when you ride those falls or river is something else and the adrenaline just pumps then you suddenly reach the calm water in the bottom and fall in it safely cause it is not shallow at all and it is just so clean.

Surfing the waves of Japan

Japan has the biggest market for surf goods because of their craftsmanship and how much the people in their country also love the sport. I heard that surfing can be very relaxing. You also feel like wave riders that are always out to catch the next one. Japanese are such good surfers because of the discipline they set themselves and determination they set. Japanese people are just really sporty and it really is not surprising why they are good in many things. They turn every sport that they are passionate about into a way of life.

I talked to a surfer once and I asked him what he found very interesting in surfing. He said that surfing is just so serene. What better place is there to be than the beach he said. Just listening to the waves is already so relaxing. When you ride it though, it is a whole different story he said. It is like conquering a mountain and just hanging on as long as you can. The bigger the wave the better cause the longer you can ride it. There is a breathtaking feeling when you are on your surfboard. There are different kinds of board from long boards to short boards and they are used to ride different waves. Different boards are used depending on how good you are. Some people love surfing so much that there was this one girl who had one arm and still found a way to still very well.

Surfing is all about balancing and it just looks easy but it is very hard and tricky. It will take many times of falling before you can finally get up on the board even for a few seconds, but when you do, it’s going to feel out of this world and so good. It is indescribable the feeling you get when you get to stand and ride that wave. It is every beginners dream to ride the wave and enter the barrel and get out without getting washed off your board. No wonder Japanese love this sport so much.

Motorboat racing

In Japan, motorboat racing is called Kyotei. In this motorboat racing sport, there are six boats that race for victory against the rest of the boats. These boats go fast and have a very stylish design. It takes also a lot of practice to be able to drive this boat and to be so skillful to know the right time to turn and the highest speed you can be in certain turns to assure victory in the competition. For no confusion, every boat has a certain color specific for their boat and uniform. Same as other sports, the first one to finish the designated laps or reach the finish line first wins.

Motorboat racing in Japan is notorious for gambling. Many big people bet on this so the pressure is really on every driver to do well and push themselves to their best limit. The racers in the uniforms practice every day and make a living out of this. It is almost like racing with cars except on water. It is harder to maneuver vehicles on water and easier to lose balance so it can get very tricky. The boat was made in a way which it is stable but on ly to a certain extent when it isn’t pushed to its limits. I would honestly want to try this if given the chance. It looks very fun and something anyone would like to experience even once in their lives. Watching these games live is very exciting, you can hear the people cheering very loudly and how close the matches are always. Sometimes the matches would even surprise you because just when you think it is over suddenly the racer in second place becomes first and wins the match.

This sport can get very dangerous so you should be very careful when trying it. Even when you are doing every safety measure possible, there are also outside factors that can affect you while in a race or even practicing which has happened to many racer, being a sport that was introduced since the 1950s. There are too many good sports in Japan.